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Biology A Level is ideal for students who wish to continue their study of biology after GCSE. The specification is divided into topics, each covering key concepts in biology. Applications of Biology are covered throughout the specification.

Unit 1: Cells, Exchange and Transport

  • Cells – plant, animal and bacterial
  • Exchange and transport in humans and plants

Unit 2: Molecules, Biodiversity, Food and Health

  • Biological molecules
  • Enzymes
  • Biodiversity and classification
  • Variation, adaptation and evolution
  • Food and health

Unit 3: Practical Skills in Biology 1

  • Internal assessment of practical skills

Unit 4: Communications, Homeostasis and Energy

  • Communication
  • Nerves and hormones
  • Excretion
  • Photosynthesis and respiration

Unit 5: Control, Genomes and Environment

  • Cellular control
  • Biotechnology
  • Ecosystems and sustainability
  • Responding to the environment

Unit 6: Practical Skills in Biology 2

  • Internal assessment of practical skills


Please see page 26 for general entry requirements.

In addition, you will need a grade B or above in GCSE Biology (triple award) or grades B, B from Dual Award Science.


The first units are assessed by a one hour exam and the second units by a 1 hour 45 minute exam. The Practical Skills in Biology units are internally assessed.


The successful completion of this course at A Level, with appropriate combinations of other subjects, will enable you to gain entry into universities or colleges of higher education to study a diverse range of subjects and focus on many career options. These include medicine, dentistry, biochemistry, osteopathy, physiotherapy, biotechnology, nursing, teaching, marine biology and ecology.