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We interview all potential ED6 applicants during Year 11. You will receive details of your interview shortly after you return your application form.

The interview might take place at your school or at East Durham College, depending on the school you are attending.

Don’t worry, this isn't a formal interview. It simply gives you the chance to discuss your application and ask any questions you might have about the courses that interest you and about ED6 in general.

At interview we will ask to see a copy of your most recent school report (or another document which gives your predicted grades).

If your interview takes place at your school then you can still come to ED6 on another occasion for a tour. Please feel free to contact us and arrange a visit. There are some cases in which this level of interview will need to be supplemented by another, in order that we can properly assess your skill levels in specific subjects. They are as follows:


Portfolio (Art)

Art students will be required to bring a portfolio with them to a specially-organised interview with a member of the Art staff. In this case, you WILL need a good grade at GCSE in an art-based qualification, but it may be that the work you have undertaken at school has been different to what we will ask you to do at ED6. The portfolio interview therefore matches your expectations with ours.