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GCSE English Language

GCSE English Language

GCSE English Language

A grade C or above in GCSE English is essential for a number of career options and entry to university.

This is an interesting and stimulating course, which involves both a practical, skills-based and an academic approach to language. Students are encouraged to develop their interest and enjoyment in the use of English, through learning more about its structures and its functions, its development and its variations. They will learn to express themselves with increasing competence and sophistication, encounter a varied range of reading, and develop skills of critical and attentive listening.

Entry Requirements

Most students who have not achieved a grade C in GCSE in English Language will go into a GCSE class providing they achieved a grade D at GCSE or the equivalent previously.

Course Content & Assessment

The course consists of a variety of oral and written tasks, some of which are assessed internally and some by external examination.

Four written tasks:

  • Extended reading
  • Creative writing x 2
  • Spoken language study

A range of speaking and listening tasks to include:

  • Discussions
  • Individual contributions
  • Role plays

The two-hour external examination will include:

  • Media and non-fiction texts
  • A long and a short writing task loosely linked to the theme of the texts

Course Duration

25 weeks.