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GCSE Mathematics

GCSE Mathematics

GCSE Mathematics

Course Content

Maths is a subject which many people fear or even hate, but for a number of career options and entry to university, a grade C or above in GCSE Maths is essential. Careers which usually demand this qualification range from engineering to teaching and from degrees in business to degrees in psychology.

The aim of this course is to improve your confidence in Maths and to help you get a grade C or above. We start at the beginning (adding whole numbers) and work right through the AQA Modular GCSE syllabus. This covers arithmetic, statistics, algebra and geometry. GCSE Mathematics covers a wide range of basic mathematical knowledge and skills grouped into five areas:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Shape, space and measure
  • Data handling
  • Using and applying maths

Mathematics students will be expected to:

  • Use mathematical skills and knowledge to solve problems

Use logic and reason to solve problems

  • Break down problems into small steps in order to solve them
  • Use mathematics to solve problems that might happen in real life
  • Learn how to use a calculator to solve problems quickly and effectively

Entry Requirements

Most students who have not achieved a grade C in GCSE in Maths will go into a GCSE class providing they achieved a grade D at GCSE or the equivalent previously.

Examination Details

This is an examined course and it is a requirement that students attend fully and take the exam at the end of the course. The course will be assessed by two exams in May or June, one with the use of a calculator and one without.

Course Duration

25 weeks.

Other Relevant Information

Students will be expected to provide:

  • Basic drawing equipment such as pencil, ruler, protractor and compasses.
  • A scientific calculator.