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Suggested Career Pathways

Suggested Career Pathways

Suggested Career Pathways

The mix of A Levels you take at ED6 is very important in preparing you for your future career.

However, if you are unsure we’ve grouped together certain subjects to guide you down particular routes towards career categories after your time at university.

We call these groupings 'Suggested Career Pathways' and they are called:

  • The Scientific Pathway
  • The Creative Industries Pathway
  • The Business & Management Pathway
  • The Humanities/Social Science Pathway
  • The Health Pathway

Remember, these are suggestions only, with a view to helping you select a balanced choice of subjects.

If you wish, you can also pop into the College to discuss your plans with our own specialist Careers Adviser, who can be contacted on 0191 518 8282 to make an appointment.