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Students’ Union

Students’ Union

Students’ Union

The Students’ Union is a democracy. This means that you, the students, are the most powerful group.

On enrolling in ED6, you automatically become a member of the Students’ Union and so can take part in the activities and democratic structures that it has. This entitles you to vote in elections, put forward ideas and generally get involved.

The President and Vice President make the day-to-day decisions within the Union. They are the executive officers of the Union and were elected in by students.

We aim to have more executive officers next year, so if you are interested then come and have a chat about getting really involved in big decisions.

The main purpose of the Students’ Union is to fight for the rights of students. This can range from asking the Principal for more computers in the library to marching against university tuition fees! 

Clubs and Societies

We are currently trying to set up some recreational clubs and societies. The idea is that a few (around 6 or more) students can start up their own group with a common purpose, getting funding and support from the Students’ Union.

Some examples of clubs and societies are poker club, cheerleading club, drama society, Disney society – the list is endless. If you’re interested, come and have a chat with us!


The Students’ Union organises a lot of parties, discos, balls etc throughout the year which any member can attend. The ticket price is low and the events are fantastic. We have an entertainments committee that organise these events. If you want to get involved in the committee or just have some ideas then get in touch.


We try to put on a range of trips to different places throughout the year, ranging from Newcastle to Alton Towers. Keep your eyes peeled for more information around college or contact the SU office to find out what trips are coming up soon.

Class reps

We have a class rep system in place on every course so that there is one person in each class that is responsible for letting us, the Students’ Union know what the class is like, what the equipment, staff and resources are like and if there’s anything that can be improved. 

This is a really important job and the Students’ Union really value class reps, they often get rewarded for their hard work with things like free food and free tickets to events. If you are interested in being a class rep or don’t know who your class rep is then speak to your tutor about it or come and see us. 


The Students’ Union organises and runs a number of different campaigns throughout the year both directed towards the student population and also the College management. These can range from sexual health week to extending library opening hours. 

How to contact the Students’ Union

The Students Liaison Officer, Beth Pearson, is the full time Students’ Union staff member, her email is studentsunion@eastdurham.ac.uk, telephone number is 0191 518 8232, or just pop into Student Services at the Peterlee Campus.